Granada and More is a quite heterogeneous group of people with something in common: we all love this city. Each of us has his own history, but all of them are linked to Granada. Among us, you will find local people who have lived in Granada for all of their lives and people who, even if they were born somewhere else, they grew to be “Granadinos” with time. What brings us together is not only our love and appreciation for Granada’s culture, people and history, but also our desire to show Granada to others, to share it with others, and, all in all, to make that anyone who comes to Granada for the first time leaves this city with a happy longing and a wish to come back soon.

With this goal we continue our path: we think Granada is more than its well-known monuments and more than the rich culture you find in every corner of this city.

We know Granada is more: there is a wonderful range of experiences, all of them unique and unforgettable, which take place all along its province.

This, apart from sharing with you the history, art and rich cultural life of a place like Granada, we would like you to feel, to experience everything we have experienced during our stay here. We wish you to have such an enriching experience as we have had, in a full universe of possibilities, in the shape of all the experiences that have left their mark on us, becoming to be some of the happiest and unique memories we treasure.

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  • Granada is the Alhambra

  • Granada is the Albaycín

  • Granada is the cultural melting pot of its peoples

  • Granada is its sunsets

  • Granada is wandering and appreciating its wonderful views

  • Granada is more, so much more


Construyendo una misma imagen desde diferentes perspectivas

Eva Balea

CEO, Booking Management

Eva is passionate about traveling, knowing the history and customs of other places. He began working as a tourism technician in the 90s. In 2012 he founded Balea Travel, a nearby agency, where the human team is.

Jose G

Project Manager, Booking Management

Jose Gonzalez is an accident philosopher and project manager by vocation. A very curious person who loves to open the drawers of history and the cultural roots of everything around him.

Francisco de Paula

Heritage Interpreter Guide, Tour Guide

Francisco lives for the creation, diffusion of historical-artistic heritage and poetry. He has a degree in Art History and has more advanced master’s and doctoral degrees. Since 2006 he works for and for art as if there were a tomorrow.

Why Granada and more?

“Granada y más” are the answer to our own need to make Granada known as an enriching collection of infinite experiences ”


We were looking for a simple and straightforward image that could contain all the values that we wish to communicate through this project: the sum of all the experiences lived in Granada; the need of taking time as a companion and not as a conditioning limit; all the beautiful hidden spots in Granada, the different views of our most popular spaces… All in all, we wish to communicate, through our logo, our deep involvement with this personal project. And, thus, we will use the summation Σ symbol to show we bring together all these values that can be found in every corner of this city and to offer them as an experience to deeply enjoy. Similarly, we include the hourglass to show that time is limited, of course, but this should not prevent us from enjoying experiences that can be unforgettable.